Inquiry Inspiration Innovation

We believe that questions, queries, investigation, probe, examination, review, analysis, exploration and peer to peer debate generates true hunger and real love for learning. We encourage inquiry to an extent that children even identify problems around a specific concept and not only its solution. Effective enablers here include well crafted STEM modules that trigger a sense of discovery supplemented by hands-on practical toolkits.

We believe that practical challenge based education fueled by Inquiry instills inspiration to think out-of-the box. We motivate students to ponder on ‘Why’ rather than ‘Because’ and make them capable of finding answers. Such inspiration filled students do not subscribe to rote learning but adopt the unconventional path of seeking challenges and deriving fun solving real life problems.

We believe that the confidence obtained from being solution oriented paves the way for students to become increasingly creative and leads to innovation along untapped dimensions. Creating new frontiers and raising the bar, such inventions bring growth and prosperity to societies, nations and the world. Incredible is the power of our STEM based pedagogy which embodies prowess to transform ordinary knowledge seekers to perform extraordinary tasks and produce outstanding results.

Anaysis and further testing

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A positive result

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