After School STEM Program for Grade 3rd to 8th

STEM DIY Kits | Arduino Programming (Robotics) | Scratch Coding | Artificial Intelligence | Virtual Robotics

STEM DIY Kits (Grade 1st – 9th)

The current generation of students has a lot of pressure when it comes to science and mathematics. Plain textbook knowledge has a theoretical approach.

To increase the interest and to incline the students towards applying the theoretical knowledge in practical is a change that is needed.

Artificial Intelligence & Coding (Grade 5th – 9th)

INN STEM LAB with its world class hardware and software’s make learning new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning engaging and fun.

It helps kids to understand complex industry-standard AI and robotics concepts in an easy and playful manner through exciting real-world application-based projects.

Virtual Robotics & Arduino Programming (Grade 3rd – 9th)

Electronic blocks are perfect Robotics learning tool for children. It helps children learn Design, Hardware, Electronics and Programming. Virtual Robotics required only laptop/computer/tablet etc. with internet connection and software